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Friday, March 31, 2006

New York City

Here are three layouts I did this week of pictures from our recent trip to New York City. Still lots to go! You can click on the pictures for a bit bigger view.

The first is the Magnolia (currently Magno ia) Bakery. I have to learn to make sure I have all the letters before deciding on lettering!Journalling reads: One of the places that Alix wanted to visit in New York was the Magnolia Bakery. What we had to do, she said, was to buy cupcakes and eat them in the little park across the street. She had seen this on a TV show, "Sex and the City". On our second day on the double-decker bus, we got off in Greenwich Village and walked down Bleeker Street to the bakery, bought our cupcakes, which were indeed delicious, and enjoyed them in the park. The pigeons appreciated our crumbs too!. We liked our time in Greenwich Village. Paper is Bazzill and 3Bugs in a Rug from a ScrapRoom kit, Chipboard letters Heidi Swapp.

The second reads: Monday March 6 We decided to take the free Staten Island Ferry over to the island and back. We got a great view of the statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the bridges, and the Manhatten skymine. It was well worth the hour it took for the return trip. Paper is Wild Asparagus, letter stickers SEI and rub-ons American Crafts.

The third reads: My first thought, when we visited the site formerly filled by the World Trade Center on March 5, 2006, was that there wasn't a lot to see. Other than the ironwork cross (left as a memorial to the hundreds who had died when terrorists flew passenger jets into the two WTC towers on Sept. 11, 2001) the area could have been any construction site. When I looked at the pictures, though, I began to think that this was a good thing...that the bareness of the area was itself a tribute to the many people who had worked so hard to clean it up, to recover the bodies of those who had died, to dig out the debris,to fill the gaping wound in the city. Almost five years after the event, the memory of 9/11 is still sharp, filled with horror and sadness. It was valuable to pay a visit to this site, even though, on the surface, there wasn't a lot to see. Paper, diecut letter and letter stickers all Basic Grey.


At 4:11 PM, Blogger Ruth said...

beautiful work Pam, I do wonder how it 'felt' to see what is left of the buildings, I cant really get my head around it, I remember it clearly, hearing first as i was in another room feeding my baby girl and then later seeing the pictures. i think leaving that open wound is a rather harsh reminder.

At 6:47 AM, Blogger madcow said...

I showed your blog to my gf who was over the other day (and a new scrapper). She loved your work as much as I do and went home inspired to try one of the mini-albums. It was just the right thing for her as she's feeling rather daunted starting an album. What a great way to ease herself into it! So there you go, another international fan!
As for the WTC - I personally like the idea that the site is left barren. A good reminder to people what a terrible, terrible day that was. I know you mentioned there was a competition for a design to rebuild on it but I can't help thinking of the mess they made of the Lady Di one in London - memorial that is - and many that I've seen here that are all glitter & bling for the first year, then date quickly and become redundant. Oh well. That's how it goes!
Please post more when you have time. I come back all the time for inspiration! xxx Clare


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